Shelby Hamfest 2010

Well, the Grandaddy of them all is past for another year!

Saw the usual pals. Found a few bargains–specifically some FSJ4-50 connectors (Andrew SuperFlex) & bought them all. As I was leaving the table, I noticed some LDF-7 connectors. So, carefully put down the bundle of FSJ-4 connectors, paid for the LDF-7 connectors, & picked stuff back up. Of course, I neglected to include the big 1&5/8 connectors in my bundle!  A true senior moment, I guess. Maybe I will get lucky & the seller will recall reading my callsign badge & contact me? Or maybe he simply sold them again. I discovered the mistake when I got to my storage site, & drove back to the Hamfest, but he’d already left.

Picked up a Johnson Ranger II for $75. Needs a good cleaning, but hopefully will be functional with a little TLC…I’ve always wanted a Ranger, & think the II is prettier than the original model. We’ll see…

Working at W7WZ’s again on Monday, Labor Day, starting on tower two.

Then jumping back on AI0O’s 30M Yagi project, & then hopefully back out to mid-MO to install it once we get the final tower up.

stay tuned

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