Arrived home from work trip to far W TN last Saturday night, the 16th, late. Just grabbed a bite of supper and crashed. Woke up Sunday morning, and collapsed on the floor when I tried to get out of bed! Just terrific pain in my right knee–unable to support any weight, at all. Very very weird, all right.

I’d been feeling some “pressure” I guess one could call it in that knee all week,  but, I never suspected anything like what I experienced. I was finally able to get an appointment with the Ortho Doc on Tuesday. He suspects a torn meniscus, but gave me a cortisone shot anyway (hey, they don’t refer to it as “the practice of medicine” for nothing, after all). Then last night I was able to get an MRI, which won’t be read until this coming Tuesday, the 26th. In the meantime,  you, dear reader, might want to invest in Tylenol and/or Aleve stock. I’m gobbling them like Halloween candy, alas.

Obviously, this puts a damper on scheduled tower work. It even screws up correspondence, because it’s painful to sit in a straight back chair at the computer. I have no idea (yet) what may be required to fix this, but it’s surely going to require surgery of some type. Recovering from that will also screw with work plans.

If you’re a client, potential client, casual sideline observer, or simply a blog follower, et cetera, please understand this is NOT what I intended to be doing at this point of the calendar year. Do stay tuner for further updates.


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