Knee News, et cetera

Well, it’s been a week since the supposedly “simple” arthroscopic procedure on my right knee & I must say, I’m as confused as I’ve ever been. The pain level has slowly inched back up, & my knee (well, actually my leg, I guess) is black ‘n blue. The stitches come out this coming Monday, & we’re supposed to look at pictures & discuss details of the surgery. Yay…about time me-thinks. Although maybe the docs DID try to speak with me that Friday; I apparently was simply too groggy to notice.

I’ll certainly be glad to have the stitches gone. They itch intensely & sorta drive one crazy.

Plus I want/need/have to get back to work. Need the funds, of course, & there are a myriad of things I’d like to accomplish at my own station before old man winter arrives in the Carolinas.

In case you’ve ever wondered, here’s what your knee looks like after the three tiny little incisions are made (camera, clippers, & vacuum supposedly):


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