Monday 6/22 post #2

Success at N4TX’s mountain QTH this afternoon! The rotator (the more difficult task, I thought, because of the high, constant wind up here) turned out to be relatively easy–all finished in less than an hour. No trouble whatsoever, although there was a moment when I wasn’t sure I was going to get the baseplate bolts in, but the old SpudWrench made alignment easy.

Then I climbed up & faced the daunting task of rewiring that damn 16-conductor SteppIR control cable! Tiny little wires, faded colors (from the WX),┬áthose ever-present 25MPH winds, & having to rework the PVC covering SteppIR uses to protect the EU-molex connectors, all made me a bit apprehensive, but it came off without a hitch! Steve is happy, & he once again has a turning, MonstIR. Me, I’m pleased, & sitting here looking out, over the expansive view, & typing away at the Tower Book MSS.

stay tuned…

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