On The Road w/K4ZA

The long tower work trip began with a bang, not a whimper…or maybe I WAS whimpering…finding things not, shall we say, quite to Rohn factory specs at WA2BJN’s installation, while heading North to MD/VA, etc. But clever solutions to those problems prevailed, and it was on to NI4F’s, where I off loaded Jerry’s Rohn 45G sections, dis-assembled the old T-12, (which will find a home at KI4TZ’s new SC home), then headed to the W3LPL open house. I-95 traffic was horrendous, and I arrived much later than expected. The WX probably kept the crowd down, but manged to see everyone I wanted to see, etc. Then on to WN3R’s, where I left the trailer of 25G sections for Dick’s new tower, and then headed for WV, to N4TX’s mountain home.  The plan was to replace the failed Prosistel 71-D, but steady 30MPH winds said we should wait, so we spent a couple hours troubleshooting the MonstIR, which has suddenly simply stopped working. We can’t find any driven element stepper motor continuity to the shack, so will try to resolve that riddle, and also hopefully get the rotator changed out, later this morning. The WX is cool, but calm today, so we should be able to get some work done.

Then, back to WN3R’s to dig in the dirt, always fun….then back to W3LPL’s, where Frank and I will haul all the aluminum for the PVRC Field Day Yagis over to the site and begin assembly…something that IS always fun.  Look for W3AO on all bands/modes during FD!

stay tuned

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