Sunday the 14th, wrapup

W2GD & I spent another workweek in Texas, arriving home late last night (John to NJ; me to NC). The week in Texas was hot, hot, hot–with temps averaging above 100-degrees every day. Not the worst conditions we’ve experienced there, but brutal nonetheless. Heliax too hot to pick up & hold, steel that burned your hand, & even the ever-present breezes out of the South were blowing hot. Progress? Finished off the new 6M tower–ready for the antennas. Got two ring rotators installed on the new 80M tower (for the 20M mult antennas which will stack below the 80M Yagi at 185 feet, at 140/70). Installed the Heliax runs for everything.

Still unresolved–why some of the K0XG rings run ridiculously fast! We assume it’s a simple gear reduction error in the transmissions or right angle reducers, but exactly WHAT the error is, is yet to be determined. Oh for a simple exploded-view type diagram, or even a parts list…!

Home to NC w/the final 30 minutes of the flight in terrific lightning storm, always fun in the Continental Express puddle jumper from Houston. Conditions finally resulting in a downpour as I turned into my neighborhood. It’s good to be home, but the work week will resume w/more tower work tomorrow.

stay tuned

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