Thursday, Thursday

First thing this AM, K4DXA, K4IZE & myself arrive at N4IZ’s & begin preparations to tram up his new TH-11. Five minutes after we arrive, it starts raining, but five minutes later, it quits, so we forge on, etc. The beam trams up perfectly, despite Don’s backyard not being very deep (indeed, we had maybe 30 ft of working space–a very steep tram!). Then, the real fun began. He also has this 50-1200mHz log periodic he wanted ABOVE the TH-11. Relatively light, but a million tiny little elements & long boom, but severe taper (of course, like all LPs), & I just could NOT get the damn thing oriented around, through, & over the TH-11 elements (which are also bunched close together). Ended up taking the log APART & putting it back together in the air. If you thought it was unbalanced before…but I kept after it & finally got it installed. Then the real rains came (the kind that didn’t end in five minutes). Hopefully I can raise the mast, install the rotator & get the Heliax runs grounded tomorrow.

W2GD called to relay his telephone chat with NR5M today. We’re good to go next week for another trip to Texas.

If the WX holds, perhaps we can get some KI4TZ work done this weekend….?

stay tuned

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