Up in the NC mountains…

Where the WEATHER is, well, wayyyyy different than it was last week in Myrtle Beach, SC, & even back home in Charlotte, NC. It seems to rain here every afternoon. No wonder the foliage is such brilliant green! Of course, the thunderboomers (w/attendant lightning) makes for a fast scurry down the tower, which we’re trying to build for WK4P. He’s putting up a Mosley w/an added-on 40M dipole element, which has this more-or-less elaborate cantilevered truss arrangement to hold things in place (a good idea, since the largest tubing is 1-inch!). That took some careful & slow reading of the blown-up parts diagram–to figure out what’s what. It’s got to go up & over the guy brackets, then be attached to the tower, the new sections carefully pulled up & through the truss cables, & then the process repeated at the top guy set.

Fun, fun, fun….

The SPAM count is wayyyyy up this week, too. Over 100 entries under the “Hire K4ZA” category. Every single one ridiculous & off topic, et cetera.

stay tuned…

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