Where Have You Been, Donny Boy, Donny Boy…??

To Dayton, then to Ky, then to NC (local clients), then to MD, then to NY…a whole lotta drivin goin on, to twist a song lyric just a bit…

Dayton was Dayton, meaning I saw & met lots of old friends, contesters, & in general, had a swell time. Our Antenna Forum presentation went well–six guys rushed the stage afterward, which is/was pretty unusual–in that there is usually no time for Q&A, but this year, K9CT’s presentation was not able to be loaded, so we were the final talk on the program. The tower book still generating some nice comments.

KY saw me working for W4ASK, a new ham installing a LUSO tower & a DB-42 from SteppIR. What a way to start in the hobby. In a word, wow~!

Finished up W6NWS’s big Log Periodic install (on 25G, likely a tad much for that small tower, but we shall see), then we trammed up the 4L 40M Yagi (tower 2 is 45G, thankfullyu). Install complicated by putting a 5L 6M Yagi up above the
40M beam, which we did after hauling up the 40, then sliding the mast upward, & installing the Orion rotator. Never easy work…

Then up to MD to take down SK K3GEG’s BX tower, which will be cleaned up & resold to another client. Old pal K1DQV managing everything, as he wanted the 3L SteppIR from the tower. He had neglected to tell me it was a trombone 3L, which surrounds the mast, so it had to be dis-assembled in the air. But all went according to pre-visualized planning.
Lucky us…

Then back to the Catskillsl, where we were successful in adding some simple mods to N2QV’s 18-6 OptiBeam (hopefully there will be no further trouble with the damned thing!). & then trammed it up into place. Naturally, the final two hours found us up top in rain, but there was little choice–we had to finish installing it. All reports from Tariq indicate it is once again working as it should. Little jumpers across the round-to-square tubing connections (a design flaw IMHO) should prevent future failures.

Home at last, through pouring rain the entire trip. 14 hours exactly. In a word, tired, tired, tired.

Catch up on Monday, then off to mid-MO Tuesday…if all goes well.

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