WX woes…’n more…

Well, the constant rain the past few days here in the Queen City has made tower work next-to-impossible. Spent the day yesterday fixing the problem with the Kodak printer, which has plagued
us since installing the new desktop. It runs WinDoze 7, which I admit to not liking very much. While
it’s incredibly powerful, it’s certainly not very intuitive (meaning you can’t simply sit down & run).

More rain today, so no work again. Prepping for trip to Myrtle Beach next week. Plus the usual
house-keeping chores.

Today’s spam count was way up, including one that took up an entire page all by itself. Just a joy to wade through these, deleting ’em all! Almost 15,000 spam messages at this point…

Working on several projects at once: N2ZZ, tower install in Lyman SC, K2QWD, Penn State,
WB4YDL, K4EAR, et cetera…

Stopped by storage site yesterday in the pouring rain. Some more small (all steel) items stolen during the two week long roadtrip to IL/IN. No huge monetary loss, but still, when will it end?

stay tuned…

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