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Since it appears, from the queries received via text, emails and good old landline, that there are still actual readers or viewers out there (everything one reads says blogging is dead, that Facebook and other “social media,” are the only game in town….) of this page, let me attempt to bring those folks up-to-date.

Firstly, there was no surgery on Wednesday, as scheduled. Further complications, we were told. It’s tough sledding, all right, albeit much moreso for Marti than me.

As it turns out, Marti’s diaphragm is pushed or extended way up on her left side, causing most of that lung to collapse. How or why the medicos are JUST NOW figuring this out or finding it remains a mystery (to me). Nobody bothers to explain anything (if they ever did) anymore. Of course, with this diminished lung capacity, surgery would not take place. She’s going to undergo some sort of test next week to see if things can be fixed so the nerve zapping to fix the atrial fibrillation issue can proceed.

It’s no wonder her O2 level is low and she has trouble breathing, right? Seems like there were a few flags on this, but again, don’t get me started. I majored in English, not medicine.

Thanks for everyone’s concern. I will endeavor to keep the blog current with news.

Of course, the already-cancelled jobs for the surgery, the rain, and then losing all of yesterday waiting on the AC serviceman (2nd floor AC failed on Wednesday night…yay), to show up, managed to wreak havoc with anything approaching normal with the tower work schedule.  Plus Joe is off playing VHF radio in the mountains and will not be back in town ’til Tuesday.

stay tuned, in other words…

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