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This week’s jobs included takedown of K4GLC. Like a lot of folks, Lee felt that his tower was going to become a liability as he got older, so he asked us to remove it. 70 feet of 25G with a Sommer XP-404 up top (this beam is FOR SALE b y the way). Tower sections came apart beautifully, and the beam trammed down perfectly. Of course it was 95 degrees so lots of Gatorade and water were consumed. Otherwise, simply uneventful.

Yesterday (Saturday) found us over at K4SQR. The tiny Phillystran truss support line had broken on one side of Jim’s T-12 log periodic. Turns out, it was likely due to using a Nicopress fitting, instead of a cable clamp. I went with 3/16-inch Philly this time and all cable clamps. Tramming these LPs is always problematic, and yesterday’s was no different. Have learned to hang a counterweight on the boom, but the real issue remains just exactly how to affix the pull rope to the boom. Tried a tiller (which is the key to tramming round boom Yagis), but it only caused the beam to yaw against the tram line. We should have lowered it and started over, but we simply struggled with it aloft and finally got it into position and on the mast.

Today, painting the elevated guy posts for NC4EF, hoping to deliver them asap.

stay tuned…

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