Somewhat momentous occasion

Well, the seven-year-old Dodge Dakota rolled over 300,000 miles this afternoon. Personally, I’ve never owned a vehicle with that high of a mileage total. I’m pleased and somewhat surprised, maybe even a little bit depressed, by the event.

Most all the miles were/are highway miles–accumulated while driving to and from tower jobs. As far West as CO, as far North as ME, as far South as FL, et cetera. That’s a lot of driving in seven years, certainly. The level of service and overall reliability has been very good, in my opinion. Besides regular oil changes, the only things done to the truck have been three sets of tires, brakes, a new battery, and spark plugs. This is my 5th Dodge and I’d love to buy another, but funds are in short supply right now.  Stay tuned….

Dakota moment

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