Your Scribe Writes…

and writes…and writes…

The proofs from ARRL’s book editor arrived, & have been busy updating the tower book for the past two days.

Nothing major, but a few typos & extra words filtered through, etc.

And of course, there is a new list of picutre or images they would still like to have, or now want, etc.

So…there’s more work to do, besides climbing,  although the weather has been just about perfect for tower work. I hope to finish gathering or creating the needed images today.

Yesterday, I posed a simple query on the CDXA reflector, asking for title suggestions. I have 15 replies in about 10 minutes. No real winners, alas. I was hoping someone would have something catchy, & ever-so-perfect that I had yet to think of.

Progress, anyway…stay tuned!

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